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Holding a Successful Open House

If you have any questions or would like more information about holding an open house please Contact Us. If you are planning on buying or selling a home or property please visit our Buyers Page or Sellers Page.


Pulling off a great Open House, with the help of a licensed and experienced agent, is one of the best ways to pump up buyer interest in your home – and to show off the hard work you will have done to clean up and improve the property both inside and out. There are three steps to follow for a successful Open House - planning, promotion and presentation.

Holding a Successful Open HousePlanning is critical to your success. Pick a date that won't conflict with other events that could divert your potential visitors, such as a Santa Claus Parade or a significant religious holiday. Get rid of clutter within the home. Have a garage sale, empty the closets and take the time to give any unneeded belongings away to charity. Cut the grass or shovel the sidewalk as the season requires. Plan on doing a little spot painting to perk up problem areas, oil squeaking hinges, tighten loose screws, and any other little things you can think of to show your home is well-maintained.

Then it's time to start promoting. Your REALTOR® is the expert here, and can advise you on which marketing techniques will be the most effective promotional tools for your Open House. Whether the promotion is done via direct mail, advertising in Home Guides and newspapers, or website promotion – or even using a combination of media – a top real estate sales representative can be counted on to effectively promote and publicize your Open House.

The last step to hosting an effective Open House is the presentation. Leaving on all the lights, having a fire burning in the fireplace, soft background music playing, and coffee brewing all add to the ambiance and make a welcoming impression. You'll get better results when your visitors feel free to look around and ask very direct questions to your REALTOR®, without your presence! It is a smart move to vacate your premises during the Open House, because it lets buyers feel more comfortable voicing their concerns and opinions.


Want to know more?

An experienced GTA REALTOR® can provide invaluable help with hosting an Open House – in more ways than just being there to field questions from prospective buyers. If you’re thinking of listing your Toronto area home but want some help getting ready to show it off, CLICK HERE  or visit one of our offices to get in touch with the team of experienced real estate sales representatives and brokers at Living Realty.